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Community Members and Organizations

Everybody has a role to play in solving the pain and opioid crisis.

Have you cared for a friend or family member with pain? Are you part of an organization that has an interest in tackling pain or addressing health disparities? Are you a health care provider who treats people with pain?

There are different ways to get involved…

  • Tell others about the Partners4Pain Project
  • Attend Partners4Pain Events to learn how to support people with pain
  • Stay in touch with the project by signing up for our newsletter

Community based organizations may also choose to raise awareness about the Partners4Pain Project through their routine communication channels (e.g., website, emails, newsletters) and events. We invite community based organizations to share their information with us, so we can do the same for them.

If you would like to learn more, click the button below or call 612-626-6477 or email

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