The Partners4Pain Project is a multi-faceted community-based research collaboration.  

Our Story

In 2018, while presenting the results of a study to community partners, our researchers  lamented the lack of diversity of study participants. A community leader challenged us to reflect on what we had done to get to know community members and learn about their lived experiences, especially People of Color and those with less financial resources. What had we done to build trust and understanding?

This was a critical turning point for our team, causing us to listen, learn and do research differently. We decided to put communities in the forefront, which is rare in the pain research field. This has translated to  working together with community partners earlier and more frequently over the entire research process. In 2022, as a result of this work, Partners4Pain was funded by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health through the HEAL initiative

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Our Focus

Back and Neck Pain

These are the most common types of pain people suffer from. They are also one of the main reasons people take opioids and other medications.


Pain Related
Health Disparities

People of Color and those with less financial resources are more impacted by pain. They also have less access to helpful resources and effective treatments to manage pain.


Community Based

People who experience health disparities face many barriers to effective pain care. By listening and co-creating science-based solutions together, we can enhance the wellbeing of our communities in ways that are meaningful to them.